Robert Dyas - 123 Tottenham Court Rd, Bloomsbury

Robert Dyas Tottenham Court Road

123 Tottenham Court Rd, Bloomsbury, London W1T 5A

020 7388 0183
8:00 AM – 7:30 PM
8:00 AM – 7:30 PM
8:00 AM – 7:30 PM
8:00 AM – 7:30 PM
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  • "Shocking customer service. Went into this store to return an online order. Welcomed by a very friendly member of staff whom unfortunately was not trained to deal with the refund. He called his colleague Pearl whom was very hostile. She demanded to know why I was returning the items. I explained I didn't want them yet she insisted she need to know the exact reason. She was extremely rude and intimidating and then went to get someone else. The gentleman she called was not professional in any shape or form. Didn't know what to do and went to ask the assistant manager. He came back and said I would need to call customer services. I suggested perhaps it made more sense for him to call them. He then went to tell the assistant manager. She came over as if it was the biggest inconvenience to her day. She said I should really return my items via the post as that's how I received it. She then started to process a return as if it was a huge favour to me. She told me to enter my card into the card reader, I explained the amount was incorrect. She said it was correct and there was nothing she could do. I suggested calling customer services would be best. She went over to the phone whilst there realised her mistake. She came back and send she had entered the wrong quantities. No apology. Avoid this shop, whatever you need you can get cheaper on Amazon or even most grocery stores."
  • "I have just experienced the worst customer service I have ever had. I went into the shop on Thursday eve (have an office round the corner for 10 yrs and use the store regularly ) and asked for an empty DHL box that I could fill with baby clothes as my daughter in California was in labour. The intention was to bring the packed box in the once baby was born. To fill size box 3 costs £40.95 and gets there in 3 days. Was told they could not give me the box I have to pack it at the counter (new born baby clothes at a DIY counter). Told them other stores have given me the box in advance. He even went away and showed me the box saying is this the size you want and when I said yes refused to give it to me . I pleaded to no avail. Rang DHL that eve and was told there shld not be an issue giving me the empty box. Rang the store spoke to Jay (Asst Man) and explained. She rang her DHL contact and rang me back to say if I paid the £40.95 in advance they wld give me empty box and she wld ensure all staff aware. She promised me that there wld not be a problem. Went in today, none of the staff knew anything about it, and the chap refused to give empty box nor cld I pay in advance as he cld not tick the box that no banned items in it as he wld not be there on Monday when I bring it in. I told them about my phone calls with Jay the asst manager but they wld not budge. I explained that when I bring it in on Monday it will be open and the staff will see it is only baby clothes. He involved another member of staff who was off duty and had to come in. He told him he was off duty and it was his call. He still wld not let me take away an empty box no nor PAY 40.95 FOR AN EMPTY BOX as had been agreed . My husband was with me and he was speechless at the disgraceful customer service. They would not give way so I left ( upset again). Clearly customer service is not a priority in that store."
  • "Nice place to get things we need"
  • "Useful stuff for home and garden but cheaper elsewhere "
  • "Good RD on two floors. Very helpful staff."

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