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  • "Went in to buy some fresh fish today. Stood at the counter for a few minutes watching the butcher using a machine to what I presume was to make mince, mixing the contents into a white plastic container by hand so could have been burgers he was making anyway I called over to him and asked if anyone was serving as I felt I had waited long enough. He replied "yes mate me " he then flicked both hands into the container ridding himself from excess meat that was stuck to his hands. He was polite and asked me what I would like . At this point I was a bit apprehensive but gave him my order for two bits of Angel Cut Haddock, he proceeded to get the plastic they use to wrap the fish put it into the scales and then asked me if I had any preference on which pieces I would like, I told him and just before he leant over to pick up my fish I asked him if he was going to wash his hands. He looked at me and said "you what " again I asked the same question but added a bit about a little thing called cross contamination his reply was "it's raw food mate you don't get cross contamination with raw food " I insisted he washed his hands which he did almost reluctantly. Read into this what you will but hygiene in a food preparation area is paramount in my eyes and not washing your hands is disgusting especially with food . I though a company like Morrisons would have trained the staff at least the basics ?? Totally Disgusted!!"
  • "Good parking..good choice of goods although some limited due to being smaller store..helpfull staff..good location away from busy area's."
  • "Car park is a nightmare needs to be re designed given its 35 years old, self service tills dont recognise reduced items. Staff are polite and helpful which is one up on Aldi down the road."
  • "Not as big as you would imagine but it definitely caters for everybody... I got a few bargains today and the staff were nice and friendly and their home made cookies and donuts are lovely Parking was easy and simple Pharmacy is actually in the next building so you have to go out of Morrison's store to go into their pharmacy who are always very helpful and don't mind taking their time to get you the right product...🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😇😇😇😇😇💛💛💛💛💛"
  • "Great place to shop...staff are all brilliant and cant help you enough....have and will be back again....."

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